To be the first to play all the cards in your STOCK pile.

In the centre area of play, there is the DRAW pile (where you'll be able to draw additional cards).
Right near the DRAW pile, up to four BUILDING piles are placed during the play.
In addition, each player will have in front of him a STOCK pile and up to four DISCARD piles.

and DISCARD piles are developed through play. No cards are in this area in the beginning of the game. Also, SKIP-BO cards are wild.

1. DRAW pile: After the deal, the remaining cards are placed face down in the center of the table to form the DRAW pile.
2. STOCK pile: Each player has one, placed face down on his face left, with the top card of the pile always turned face up.
3. BUILDING piles: During the play, up to four BUILDING piles can be started. Only a one or a SKIP-BO card can start a BUILDING pile. Each pile is then built up through the number 12. Since SKIP-BO cards are wild, they can start a BUILDING pile, or be played as any number, too. Once a pile of 12 cards has been completed, it is removed, and a new pile is started in its place.
4. DISCARD piles: During play, each player may build up to four DISCARD piles to the left of his STOCK pile. They can build up any number of cards in any order in the DISCARD piles, but may only play the top card.

At the beginning esery player has 15 card on his STOCK piles.
Player 1 starts. He draws 5 cards from the DRAW pile (by clicking on it). If the player has a number 1 or a SKIP-BO card on the top of his STOCK pile or in his hand, he may use it to start a BUILDING pile. He may continue playing another card from his STOCK pile or his hand onto the BUILDING pile. If the player plays all 5 cards, he then draws 5 more and continues playing. If he can't make a play or just doesn't want to, he ends his turn by discarding one of the cards from his hand onto one of his four DISCARD piles.
On a player's second and succeeding turns, the player first draws enough cards to bring his hand back up to 5. He then may add to the BUILDING piles (always in sequential order) by playing the top card from his STOCK pile, DISCARD pile or from his hand. But, remember the winner is the one who plays all the cards in his STOCK pile, so it's best to always use the playable cards from that pile first.

To beginn your turn you click on the DRAW pile to get cards, so that you have 5 cards in your hand.
Then you press your right mouse button on a card (in your hand, on your STOCK pile or one of your DISCARD piles) move the mousepointer to the pile (BUILDING or DISCARD) where you want to put the card to, and release the mouse button. The card will be moved there. If you release the mouse anywhere else, it will stay on it's position.